Color My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

“I’m ashamed of myself because I know I should be better and I have no idea how to get there.”

—   I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here (#370: April 7, 2014 (via massiv3)

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My only talent is breathing

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“There are 41 wars being fought around the world right now. Most of us are busy and we race through our weeks without paying a great deal of attention, but yesterday this week stopped, because one of those wars reached into the sky and grabbed 298 people who could have been any of us.”

—   CBS’ Scott Pelley, commenting on our shared humanity, after the missile attack of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 (source)

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“just because drunk people drop shit” 


“just because drunk people drop shit” 

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Are you taking selfies?


No it's Snapchat





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A beautiful gesture from Lebanon - names of Palestinians killed by Israel in the last two weeks were hung on huge banners in Raouché, Beirut during a demonstration against the latest Zionist assault on Gaza, July 22, 2014. Protesters also threw flowers into the sea. Over 600 people have been killed (as of the morning of July 23, 2014), at least 25% of whom were children.

(Photos: Jamal Saidi / Reuters)

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